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Smock It To Me

Petite Wooden Decor Bowls

Regular price $16.50 USD
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These adorable bowls are handcarved and sealed - and are perfect as a decoration piece for any room, holiday or a perfect gift!  (We have one currently in our window sill full of holly and berries for the holidays!)  These bowls come in shades of brown and distressed white!  The dimensions make them a perfect size to hold several candles, to make a table centerpiece display, or perfect for any entryway table or coffee table.  (Speaking of coffee, these would make a great addition to any coffee bar or open shelving setup!) 

As a gift idea, wrap a beautiful ribbon around it and fill with tea, chocolates, or a cute handtowel - so many cute things you can do with these beautiful hand-carved bowls!  And the price is perfect - cannot beat it!  (We bought a few ourselves for gifts!)  Also, see our hand carved coasters, too!

Dimensions:  10" X 6" X 3"

Color Options: Brown, White